Toddler Toys

Fine motor skill toys help your child develop the skills they need to succeed and thrive. Not all of the toys are appropriate for all ages however. To help you find an age appropriate activity toy, here is a list of the most popular toys for ages 1 to 3. Enjoy.

  • M & D Pop Blocs
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    These toys are made of soft plastic and interchangeable so your toddler can combine the fronts and back of different animals. They will learn fine motor skills, logic and develop creativity. You get a set of 5 animals so 10 pieces in total. They are suitable for children over 6 months of age.
    pop blocks
  • Blizzard Penguin
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    5 brightly colored buckles of different styles help your toddler develop their motor skills and problem solving ability. Under the buckles, you will find numbers and there is a zippered much on the back. Clip this toy to a stroller or take it with you for car rides. This is a great toy for children over 1 year of age.
    buckle toy
  • Peg Board Set
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    With this toy, your toddler can sort, stack, make patterns and even learn basic math skills. The pegs are the perfect size for little hands and it comes with a storage bag so that you can take it with you on the go. There is no end to what your child will learn from this toy including coordination and color recognition. Because the pieces are quite large, this toy is suitable for all ages.
  • Pop Up School Bus
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    4 peg children pop up and down as your child moves the bus around. They will learn color recognition and hand eye coordination. This is a very pretty toy made of solid hardwood, not plastic.
    toddler toy bus
  • Wooden Bead Maze Toy
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    The classic bead maze. Your child will learn problem solving and hand eye coordination. They will also love playing with this toy. There is a reason that you find a bead toy at every doctors office you go to. They are safe and kids love them.
    bead maze toy
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