Melissa And Doug Fine Motor Skill Toys

Everybody knows the brand Melissa And Doug. Everyone who has kids that is. It is synonymous with quality and the toys are generally well built and well thought out. This is also true of the toys geared towards fine motor skill development. Here are a few of our top picks for motor skill toys from Melissa & Doug.

  • Deluxe Latches Board
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    With vibrant colors and six different latch designs, this device will challenge your youngster to develop fine motor skills. Once the doors are opened, your child will be rewarded with matching animal images.
  • Lace And Trace Farm
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    This motor skill toy includes 5 different shapes with matching string. Your child will be challenged to weave the string through the toy, improving hand skills in the process. Parents will be delighted about just how long this keeps their children occupied.
  • Catch And Count Fishing Game
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    They won’t even know that they are developing coordination skills, they will just be playing. Includes a working wind up reel, making it a toy that your kids will not get bored of quickly.
  • Construction Building Set
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    Few toys are more timeless than building sets. This great toy set includes 48 pieces and will teach your kids motor skills while they construct an infinite number of different designs.

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