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Looking for toys to help your child develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skill toys can help get your child on their way and it is never too early for them to start learning. Finding the best toys is not always easy because most are geared at toddlers and older children. Here is our list of some of the best infant fine motor skill toys.

  • Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise
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    This toy has four cookie shapes that help your baby learn colors and sorting along with basic hand skills. The open front allows your young infant to put a toy in and take it out easily. The toy is also musical and easily activated by pressing on the top.
    cookie toy
  • Bussy Poppin Pals
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    This little toy will teach your child about cause and effect and will help them with motor skills as they learn to work the knobs. The colorful animals inside will keep them entertained for hours. For ages 9 months and up.
    pop up toy
  • Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy
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    This great little toy from Melissa & Doug has segments that allow your 6 month or older infant to adjust the worm into a variety of positions. A great toy for learning to use your hands. Being made of wood, you will also find it quite durable.
    worm toy
  • Grow With Me Activity Gym
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    This is a great multi use toy with kids and parents in mind. It is a standard play mat with all the normal toys that help build motor skills and stimulate your infant. It is also a ball pit with mesh sides that come up to contain the balls and your child. Balls store in the turtles head when not in use.
    ball pit
  • Snap Lock Beads
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    This is a very basic but very effective toy. Learning to snap these beads together is no easy task for your little one. They need to use hand and eye coordination. The different colors and texture add further stimulation. This is a cheap, must have toy for ages 6 months and above.
  • Count & Wobble Toy
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    When your baby pushes this toy, it wobbles and shakes. They will use their fine motor skills to manipulate the toy and be rewarded by its movements and over 30 songs and sounds.
    cody toy
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