Fine Motor Skill Games

Nothing beats a game for developing motor skills. The great thing about motor skill games is that they learn to work on their skills while being pushed to complete a task. Here are some of the best motor skill games that we have seen.

  • Hungry Monkey
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    In this great little game, your little one will be challenged to feed bananas to the hungry monkey. They will develop hand skills and strength while working on hand eye coordination to complete the task. The manufacturer says it is for ages 3 to 5 but most 2 year olds should be able to use it as well with minimal supervision. (More)
    hungry monkey
  • Avalanche Fruit Stand
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    Children are challenged to not spill the fruit in this game. They spin the wheel and have to remove or place a set amount of fruit. Along the way, they will develop their hand eye coordination, grip strength and learn some basic math skills.
    fruit stand
  • Froggy Feeding Fun
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    The frogs are hungry for tasty flies. Your child has to roll the dice to determine which color and how many flies to feed them. They will increase their grip strength while having to coordinate squeezing the frog with one hand while feeding it with the other. They also learn matching skills, color recognition and some basic math.
    frog feeding game
  • Sneaky Squirrel Game
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    In this game, your child will spin the wheel and then use a pair of squirrel squeezers to pick up the matching acorn and place it in their tree. Watch out though because other players can steal your acorns, you could lose a turn or a gust of wind could knock all of your acorns off of your tree. The first one to collect all of their accords wins. While playing this game, your child will develop many skills such as color matching, turn taking, hand eye coordination and they will develop their grip, an important step towards writing.
    sneaky squirrel game
  • M & D Magnetic Fishing Game
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    Who didn’t have one of these when they were a kid. The classic magnetic fishing game helps kids develop hand eye coordination and teaches them patience. The bright colors will entertain and stimulate your child.
    fishing game
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